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Microwave drying equipment of cat Sands


Traditional cat sand drying equipment is mostly roller type rolling drying, but can not guarantee the integrity of the cat sand, the cat sand microwave drying equipment, it is easy to destroy the original shape of the cat sand, causing particle breakage, the size is different, the color is very difficult to guarantee, the product quality is directly caused by the customers do not approve or
You can't buy the price.
Now our company's new kitten microwave drying equipment has perfectly solved this problem. The cat sand only needs to walk on the conveyor belt to dry, and the drying time only takes about 3 minutes, the cat sands microwave drying equipment supply, no need to roll friction, causing unnecessary damage, drying
It has a short drying temperature of about 45 degrees, and maintains good quality and good water quality. Production can be made according to demand.

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